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With ten years experience in creating Wix websites, twenty years experience in IT Support, add to that over ten years in Photography, Videography experience and Music Creation and add quite a few years of self marketing on Social Media, creating Digital Content & Media, now also managing Website/E-commerce/Marketing/PR projects for a well known musical instrument brand, I can help you take your business or creative output to the next level;

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Best move my client Freshman Guitars made. During initial lockdown, all UK musical instrument stores closed down, so a complete revenue loss for them. They took the decision to sell direct and it literally saved their 20 year old business. Espedair Tech created an E-commerce website for them, but developed it into an E-commerce/Music Magazine hybrid, to help them attract new custom. Espedair devised all the projects on the new site too and re-ignited their Social Media output. And we're also responsible for new Photography and Video Demos on the site too.  The site is working well for Freshman, who are a multi-award winning acoustic musical instrument designer and manufacturer based in Scotland. Visit here 

Freshman Guitars & Ukuleles